Abstract photo

Golden Chandeliers

This is a bright beautiful piece that reminds me of extravagant ornamentation lighting found in a baroque styled venue that is hosting a late night black tie masquerade event.

I call this, macro World According to Yellowphotography piece, Golden Chandelier because as I look at it I am transferred into that ballroom, wearing a tuxedo and mask looking up at this beautiful golden glass illumination.  The “Golden Chandelier” has multiple bright yellow gold tubing that have ruby red five star bottoms. All of the tubing have dark tails that hang south just like the men in tuxedos. On some of the tails there is the same bright yellow gold coloring on a few dust bits.  At the bottom of the piece in hiding is a pearl of water holding on for life so not to drench the gala affair.

This is a 16 x 20 photograph taken in summer of 2016.