Color Rain in the City…

A cold, dark  and rainy mid afternoon in NYC inspired this Michael Brower Image.  “Color Rain in the City” is what I saw as I gazed out of my New York apartment’s kitchen window.  These kinds of days are always cozy as long as I am inside looking out.  With my cup of Earl Gray tea, I sat on the window ledge and looked out over 1st Ave. at 63rd street, three blocks north of the Queensboro Bridge, and watched the north bound traffic, glad I was not outside.  It was a typical NYC day with noise, congestion and high energy.


What I saw through the water spattered window was a blurry dark grayness that gave way to speckled bright moving lights.  It was such a contrast of visual imagery that it was captivating.  The orange from the vehicles’ brake lights mixing with the yellow of their head lights in motion with the white lined streets and the black buildings as they cut through the light to dark to blue gray of the overcast day.  The colors all seemed to muddle together to create an energetic back & forth, watery soup-like image that was appetizing to my eye.

I guess, on second thought, I could have called this acrylic, 24 x 36, painting “Muddled Soup of the City” but I like “Color Rain in the City”.  The deep thoughts and images we have when it rains, in the city…


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